What’s new in 2024

Whats new in 2024

Eastwood Farm and Winery will launch the first phase of its Barrels and Tanks winemaker incubator in February 2024. During this first phase, Eastwood invites the community to stop by and sample the wines of each of the independent winemakers who will be producing their wines in the new Barrels and Tanks facility that is currently under construction in Charlottesville. While construction on the new facility is underway, Eastwood Farm and Winery (off Route 20 near the intersection with Avon) will double as the Barrels and Tanks tasting room, featuring pop-ups with free tastings from each of its independent winemakers on Friday evenings.  A special menu featuring these wines also will be available 7 days a week. 

Stay tuned for a full lineup of Barrels and Tanks programming, including a special showcase of independent winemakers on April 17, 2024 as part of the annual Tom Tom Festival. This showcase, “Incubating Virginia Wine,” will feature wine tastings and discussion with each of these independent winemakers and others.

About the Incubator:

Eastwood designed the new Barrels and Tanks incubator to include five winemaker suites off the main production area. The suites will provide a space where independent winemakers can anchor a license and make their wines. Barrels and Tanks has been designed to reduce the costs associated with independent winemaking, and thereby support further innovation and talent in the Monticello AVA. Jake Busching, Eastwood’s Head Winemaker, will oversee the rollout of the new facility.

Athena Eastwood commented, “When we started building Eastwood, it was with a vision to support local agriculture and create an inclusive business that would reflect the diverse community around us. What we have learned is that, along with the need for inclusivity, there is also a need for more opportunity. In addition to working with established independent winemakers looking for a collaborative production space and tasting room, the incubator will provide new paths to ownership by enabling budding winemakers to get started without the high costs typically required. Many just need a launching pad. I was the fortunate recipient of generous scholarships and encouragement from institutions and people who took a chance on me at a time when I did not look like a good bet. Having experienced what a difference that kind of support can make, we are looking forward to helping to super-charge these businesses.”

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