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The Eastwood Wine Club is a community established by wine enthusiasts for wine enthusiasts. The founders and members are dedicated to viticulture, agriculture, and truly enjoyable food and wine that can be shared with family and friends in all of the places we spend time together.

This is a 4-bottle club with quarterly allocations. The wines of each allocation are thoughtfully chosen by our founders and team. Each allocation includes a mix of whites and reds, with a few special rosés and sparkling wines throughout the year. We take seasonality into consideration with each allocation and highlight new releases and special occasions. Each allocation is announced a couple of weeks before the release date. At that time, club members have the option to login to their accounts and customize their allocations to their liking. 

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Member Benefits:

  • Weekly 50% Off Specials
  • 10% Off Every Day: 
    • Tasting Room
    • Guided Tastings
    • Eastwood Food Truck
    • Online Wine Shop
  • Free Blending Workshops & Quarterly Pickup Parties, Other Discounted Events and Discounted Tickets for Guests
  • Exclusive Wines & Priority Access to New Releases
  • Member-Only Spaces 
  • Weekly Member Happy Hours
  • Annual Artist Blend Competition
4-Bottle club with Quarterly allocations

Features & How It Works

We release new allocations quarterly in February, May, August, and November. Club members are presented the details of each curated allocation – featuring new and exclusive releases – a few weeks before the release date. Club members who wish to customize their orders can login to their accounts to make changes to their orders. Please do not hesitate to ever reach out to our team if we may be helpful with customizing an order. Club orders must be customized before the orders are processed, which happens on the first day of February, May, August, and November. 

Upon joining, new members have the option to receive the current allocation or to customize it. Our tasting room team will help you with this if you sign up in the tasting room. If you sign up for the wine club online, we will reach out to you after your account has been set up to confirm your first order. 

Tax and shipping costs vary by destination. Allocations may be picked up at the winery if the member prefers. 

Pricing is based on which bottles are included in each allocation. Once the allocation has been chosen, a 10% discount is applied to every club order. Club prices range from $100 – $120 before tax and shipping. Members are billed quarterly, a few days before the release of each new allocation.

Club members are welcome to pick up their allocations quarterly. We host a pickup party once a quarter that we’d love for you to attend or pick up whenever it is convenient for you. There is no fee for pick up orders. 

We ship to many states and we partner with FedEx and UPS to get your orders to you safely and promptly. 

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If you have any questions, please reach out to us! Send an email to or give us a call at +1 (434) 264-6727.