Joy Ting to hold a suite in Charlottesville’s new winemaker incubator

We are excited to announce that Joy Ting will be joining us as a suiteholder in the new Barrels & Tanks winemaking facility opening in Charlottesville in early 2024.  

Joy Ting is the Research Enologist for the Winemakers Research Exchange and owner/winemaker for Joy Ting Wine.  Joy began her wine career working in the lab at Michael Shaps Wineworks, eventually serving in the roles of enologist, production manager, and winemaker there.  In 2018, Joy took the helm of the Virginia Winemakers Research Exchange, a non-profit organization funded by the Virginia Wine Board with the mission of promoting innovation through experimentation and education in the wine industry.  As the Research Enologist, she works with winemakers all over Virginia to test new winemaking approaches and share promising results, cultivating a community of curiosity and collaboration.  Joy was named the Virginia Wine Person of the Year in 2023 by the Virginia Wineries Association. 

As recently announced, Jake Busching will be overseeing the launch of Barrels & Tanks as head winemaker for Eastwood Farm and Winery and also as the proprietor of Jake Busching Wines.

Together, Jake and Joy bring decades of experience and camaraderie to this endeavor. We are all looking forward to a round table approach to making our wines and growing our labels together.

Eastwood designed the new facility to include five winemaker suites off the main production space.  The suites will serve as incubators where independent winemakers can anchor a license and make their wines.  Barrels & Tanks has been designed to reduce the costs associated with independent winemaking, and thereby support further innovation and talent in this region.  Stay tuned in the coming weeks for further announcements regarding the other amazing winemakers who will be joining us downtown!

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