Eastwood Grill 

Wednesday – Saturday, 12-7:30PM
Sunday, 12-5:30PM

The Eastwood Grill is most often parked at The Tent & Terraces, though, it is occasionally parked by The Barn. 


Fried Chicken Sandwich, $15

With Pimento Cheese on ciabatta bread topped with butter pickles & romaine

Grilled Vegetable & Chickpea Salad, $12

Grilled vegetables and chickpeas with tomatoes, cucumbers, olives tossed with romaine lettuce and herb yogurt dressing
+ Chicken or Shrimp Skewer $5

Strawberry Salad, $13

Feta, strawberries, mint, pistachios, with mixed greens and house vinaigrette
+ Chicken Salad $5

Chilled Rice Noodles, $12

Chilled rice noodles with napa cabbage, carrots, daikon, cucumber, and spring onion, tossed in a soy lime vinaigrette
+ Chicken or Shrimp Skewer $5

Grilled Chicken Skewers, $15

Served with black bean salad, red pepper mojo, and a garlic aioli dipping sauce
+ Chicken or Shrimp Skewer $5

Grilled Shrimp, $12

Grilled peel-and-eat shrimp served with a scallion remoulade dipping sauce

Fries, $5

Salted shoestring fries served with garlic aioli

Events (7)

Hummus & Crudites, $10

Seasonal hummus and veggies

Cheese Board, $18

Seasonally available and rotating selection of cheeses & accompaniments often including aged white cheddar, mild brie, manchego, fig jam, olives, dates, cranberries, and dried apricots

Charcuterie Board, $21

Seasonally available & rotating selection of meats, cheeses & accompaniments often including salami, prosciutto, spicy chorizo, aged white cheddar, mild brie, manchego, fig jam, olives, dates, and dried apricots

Kid’s Snack Box – Fruit, $7

Apricots, fruit snacks, pistachios, animal crackers, Babybel, string cheese, mozzarella & cheddar

Kid’s Snack Box – Veggies, $7

Veggies & dip, trail mix, string cheese, Babybel, mozzarella and cheddar