Vote for the 2024 Artist Blend!

Guidelines for Voting

Voting is open to Eastwood Wine Club Members, the Eastwood Team, and artists who have submitted works in this year’s competition. To vote, please choose your top 3 favorite artworks and complete the ballot submission at the bottom of this page. Please only vote onceVotes must be cast by Friday, March 15, 2024

What kind of wine will the 2024 Artist Blend be?

It will be a Viognier and Petit Manseng blend and bottled in the same bottle type that was used for the 2023 Artist Blend featuring the work of Meg Davies. See an example here:

2024 Artwork Submissions

Andrea Ruedy Trimble
Catherine Rosenberg
Caleb Tinsley
Craig Impink
Victoria Feaster
Kristi Rose
Monique MacEachin
Tyler Grosskopf
Christina-Jane Norquay
Tricia Peery
Laura Aldridge
Valerie Sargent
Caylea Barone
William Grover
Dori R Williams
Rosemary Gallick
Meghan Carroll

Wine Label Art Competition: 2024 Voting Ballot

Only one ballot may be submitted per person.

Voting Window Closes March 15, 2024

Announcing The Winner

The winner will be announced in mid-March once all of the votes have been tallied.

2024 Artist Blend

The 2024 Artist Blend will be released to club members this summer!