Dec 06 2023


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Meritage Blending Workshop

This is a hands-on workshop where you get to be the winemaker! You’ll sit down to a table with beakers, a flask, a large vessel, and unlabeled bottles of 3-4 wines. With your team, you will use the tools in front of you and mix small amounts of the different wines, keeping track of percentages and varietals on your notepad with a pen (everything you need will be provided). Swirl, sip, and adjust your blend as you like to create what you and your team deem to be a great blend. Water, oyster crackers, and spitoons will also be available on your table. Teams will have an hour to create their blends. Our winemaking team will be circulating and will help guide everyone through the process and answer any questions. Once the hour is up, teams will submit their creation to a panel of judges that have been hand-selected for their expertise and love of wine.

Once the judges have had a chance to sample each team’s blend (there are typically 6-8 teams), they will give their thoughts on the wines and will have to make the very hard decision of choosing one to be the winner. The Eastwood winemaking team will make a small-batch bottling of the winning blend, which will be released to wine club members and available to workshop participants at a later date.

Club members enjoy one complimentary ticket and up to four tickets at a 50% discount. Send an email to to secure your spot.

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