An Artful Weekend In Charlottesville

Lynchburg Living | By: Megan Williams
Published on March 1, 2023

From the Culinary Backstreets to the Community Hubs

It is said that you can’t truly understand a culture until you know their language and have tasted their food. Even for the intrepid weekend traveler—the one who ventures not outside of their country, but simply outside of their city—the sentiment is still true. For many, Charlottesville brings up images of UVA football games, laps around the historic downtown mall, and the breweries and tasting rooms that pepper the perimeter of the eight-block pedestrian walkway. While those activities do make for a fun-filled, joyous weekend, there is something to be said for veering off of the well-trodden footpath for a little while. Get to know the culinary backstreets and community hubs that help define Charlottesville’s culture.

Eastwood Farm & Winery
Just minutes outside of downtown Charlottesville, but seemingly a world away, is the 77-acre Eastwood Farm & Winery. Owned and operated by Athena Eastwood and two of her daughters, Eastwood Farm & Winery grows pears, apples, blueberries, and raspberries on-site—ingredients that fuel their cider that’s made and fermented in-house. It’s a delightful crossroad between a dry cider that Virginia is often known for and the sweet ciders that make for easy drinking on a warm day. Also offered is Eastwood’s limited but reliable menu of house-brewed beers, ranging from a crisp lager and an IPA that is more balanced than overtly hoppy and a chocolate stout that feels like a true indulgence.

But what Eastwood Farm & Winery is most known for is their Virginia Governor’s Cup–winning wine. Customers flock to their horse-barn-turned-stunning-tasting-room to sample from an impressive menu of Virginia classics like the viognier and petit manseng and their Bordeaux varieties like merlot and meritage. For a festive treat, their blanc de blanc, served in a stunning coupe, is delightfully crisp and effervescent with notes of almond and lemon zest.

Eastwood is family-friendly as well—in fact, it’s encouraged to bring children and dogs in tow. Alongside a full tasting and food menu, Eastwood also offers non-alcoholic beverages that are ideal for those who don’t drink or for the littlest ones in the group. Children can even order their own juice tasting flight where they can sample from apple juice, fruit punch, lemonade, and grape juice. They can also order their own special charcuterie board, complete with fruit snacks, animal crackers, string cheese, and dried apricots.

Eastwood Farm & Winery isn’t a “stop along the way” type of place—it’s where friends and families gather for hours-long conversations while they sip on some truly delectable beverages.

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